Who are The Light Keepers?


a band playing SONGS FROM THE edge

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Gorgeous, haunting acoustic songs from the South Coast of England, where the cliffs are high and the seabirds fly. The Light Keepers play English contemporary folk music with strong melodies, tight harmonies and a touch of soul. Their new take on old ways is inspired by the landscape and the stories around them. 

"The Light Keeper was an emotionally rich and hugely engaging performance. The songs are beautiful," said Roger Morris of the Greenbelt arts festival after the album's live premiere there. "Achingly and inspiringly beautiful."

The Light Keepers have performed these songs at venues, theatres and festivals all over the country in the last year, from their native Sussex up to the Lake District and beyond. They'd like to come and sing for you.

The Light Keeper album was recorded as live in the summer of 2019, on location at the Saffron Lounge studio near Beachy Head. It is a musical response to a debut novel of the same name by Cole Moreton, who sings in the band and wrote the songs with David Perry, on vocals and guitar. Joining them are multi-instrumentalist Bruce Pont and singer Phoene Cave. Live, the band are joined by singer Claire Tabraham.

"I loved this," said Matt Haig, best-selling creator of the book and album Reasons To Stay Alive.

Photography here includes images from the London launch of the album on a boat in the Thames, by Mark Heybourne. Other images were taken by Alison Barr during an intimate performance in the Lantern Room of the historic Belle Tout lighthouse. Live videos were filmed by Neil MacInnes.